Chris Wendland
Attorney at Law


Building for your future

Whether your concern is your house or your business, the issues are vitally important and can sometimes seem overwhelming. Chris can help you do what needs to be done as you secure your present and build your future.

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Planning for Later

Let’s face it, no one enjoys planning for their own disability or death, or moving on after a loved one has passed. We pride ourselves on being careful, caring listeners who will take the time to discuss available options. When it comes to planning or administering estates, one size definitely does not fit all.

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When Trouble Comes

Unpaid debts. Broken contracts. Shoddy work. What do you do when things don’t turn out as expected? Sometimes litigation is the only feasible way to resolve a dispute, and sometimes it should be zealously avoided. Chris will always be straightforward about your situation and prospects – if necessary, he’ll be ready to represent you in court.

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When it's important to you

There are basically two kinds of clients – those desiring to pursue or maximize opportunities, and those looking for an acceptable resolution to a problem. Chris has capably served both for many years. Whatever your project, we know it is important to you. Chris will give you counsel that is timely, sensible and practical.


Chris Wendland has been practicing law in Waterloo, Iowa for more than 20 years. His areas of practice are extensive, and he applies diligence and care to all he does. He has served ordinary folks and small business owners as well as big companies with nationwide business interests. Chris has gained significant experience handling complex business matters and also litigating disputes in Iowa and federal courts. The breadth of his practice experiences means that Chris is able to provide well-rounded perspectives to matters that involve negotiating and documenting transactions, handling vigorous disputes, or something in between. Whether you are moving forward with exciting new plans or dealing with a current problem, Chris is skilled to help meet your needs and knows that you value cost-effective solutions.

Other pages on this site will tell you more details about Chris and what he does. Chris's practice has revolved primarily around the areas of business, employment, real estate, estate planning, probate, and municipal law. The majority of his practice has been transactional – he helps people negotiate, review and draft documents, and generally get things done. He has also represented clients in many lawsuits that relate to these areas of practice. Many attorneys restrict their practice to either transactional or litigation work. Because Chris has significant experience at both, he can be better at both – anticipating issues, crafting better solutions, and understanding the stakes and likely outcomes involved.

Let us help

The law continues to grow in complexity and can be a bewildering place in which to operate. We want to be sure that clients understand their risks, opportunities and options as clearly as possible. Let us help you find the pathway through.