No one likes to lose control of their affairs or leave a mess behind for others to pick up, and some advance planning can avoid both scenarios. Many of the tools available are simple and very cost-effective. An attorney like Chris can help you understand the options, consider second-level choices that are often overlooked (especially with do-it-yourself products) and set up a plan that will take care of your affairs if you become incapacitated and that will help your loved ones transition after you've gone. Chris can help with:

  • Wills, including trusts and guardianships for children
  • Revocable trusts (sometimes called living or inter vivos trusts)
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Property transfers or ownership changes to coordinate with your estate plan
  • Probate of estates, and pre-death options for avoiding probate
  • Protection of your rights as an heir or surviving spouse

When it's important to you

There are basically two kinds of clients – those desiring to pursue or maximize opportunities, and those looking for an acceptable resolution to a problem. Chris has capably served both for many years. Whatever your project, we know it is important to you. Chris will give you counsel that is timely, sensible and practical.

Let us help

The law continues to grow in complexity and can be a bewildering place in which to operate. We want to be sure that clients understand their risks, opportunities and options as clearly as possible. Let us help you find the pathway through.