Chris Wendland


Chris grew up in South Dakota and has been in Iowa since starting law school in 1992. College in New England and a few years working in a large Silicon Valley law firm provided interesting experiences and perspectives, but there's no place like the Midwest.

The other pages on this site have provided information about what Chris does. What they don't do is tell a prospective client who Chris is. Chris believes that simple virtues should be guideposts all across life, whether in personal or professional settings. Things like honesty, decency, and keeping your word. Owning up to mistakes, and looking to learn from experiences good and bad. A persistent commitment to excellence, empathy and humility. Treating people fairly, being responsive, and maintaining a grounded perspective. These values are not commodities or conveniences. They can be difficult to live out, and best intentions sometimes fall short. But they are the bedrock for a reputation of being reliable and trustworthy.

Chris lives in Waterloo, Iowa with his wife, daughter and son. His active children give him plenty to do. Chris has also held leadership positions in his church and a local crisis pregnancy center. From his leadership experience, Chris has learned the value of clear thinking, setting strategic priorities, clarifying expectations, and seeking consensus to define and carry out solutions. From his legal practice, Chris continues to learn that lawyers have a unique role and can either help resolve problems or magnify them. From his family, Chris is learning the patience and grace that make meaningful relationships possible, and even joyful and fulfilling.

When it's important to you

There are basically two kinds of clients – those desiring to pursue or maximize opportunities, and those looking for an acceptable resolution to a problem. Chris has capably served both for many years. Whatever your project, we know it is important to you. Chris will give you counsel that is timely, sensible and practical.

Let us help

The law continues to grow in complexity and can be a bewildering place in which to operate. We want to be sure that clients understand their risks, opportunities and options as clearly as possible. Let us help you find the pathway through.