Chris has provided a full range of services to his business clients, including:
  • Forming new business entities and drafting owner agreements
  • Drafting and review of all manner of business contracts
  • Stock sale/purchase, asset sale/purchase
  • Trademark registrations and renewals
  • Employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, unemployment benefits
  • Prosecuting and defending suits for breach of contract, collection of unpaid accounts, discriminatory practices, and violation of non-compete agreement, to name a few.

When it's important to you

There are basically two kinds of clients – those desiring to pursue or maximize opportunities, and those looking for an acceptable resolution to a problem. Chris has capably served both for many years. Whatever your project, we know it is important to you. Chris will give you counsel that is timely, sensible and practical.

Let us help

The law continues to grow in complexity and can be a bewildering place in which to operate. We want to be sure that clients understand their risks, opportunities and options as clearly as possible. Let us help you find the pathway through.